About Charlie x Wood

About Us

We are a locally owned and operated startup based out of the Metro Atlanta Area.  We are focused on creating high-quality clothing and apparel products that will stand the test of time, and function in multiple settings. 

Our Mission 

We are dedicated to finding partners that will allow us to create beautiful products, contribute to our community and grow our local economy. We are focused on hiring and training from socially and economically disadvantaged communities providing them with life long skills that they can use to contribute and compete in today's society.  We will continue to extend opportunities to diverse individuals that are often not given a fair opportunity to learn and grow in a stable, welcoming work environment. 

Why Charlie x Wood

Our Founder, Michael Billingslea picked Charlie x Wood as a reminder that we all represent more than ourselves, and we have a duty to do it well.  The name Charlie is an epicene name intended to be inclusive across genders.

Our Founder

Michael Billingslea founded Charlie x Wood initially after destroying a new pair of designer sunglasses while mountain biking.  He flipped off the bike on a trail and destroyed the 2-day old prescription shades.  In an attempt to salvage the lens he placed them in frames made from an Amazon box.  Although the box didn’t work well, it spurred his interest in creating products with quality that matched the premium price point, ecologically friendly, and socially conscious.